I specialize in analyzing your skin tone to find out which colors will be most flattering for your clothing, makeup, hair color and jewelry. Your skin tone and pigmentation base will determine your basic overall coloring. The tone in your skin comes from three pigments; melanin (brown), carotene (yellow) and hemoglobin (red). It is the combination of these three that gives you your unique skin tone. More carotene means a yellow or honey-based skin; more hemoglobin means a
blue or rose-toned skin.

In addition, using my color and style skills, I can help you in many other ways. Whether you need a few new pieces of clothing and accessories, makeup or hair coloring advice, a new professional wardrobe, or a gown/suit for a special occasion such as a wedding, graduation or pageant. I can help you determine exactly what to look for and even accompany you on a personal shopping excursion.

A personal color analysis will take about 1½ hours. It can be done in my studio in Mentone (close to Fort Payne, AL), or in your (nearby) home or place of business. It consists of draping and analyzing fabrics near your face until we find the category or group of colors that look best on you.

Personal Color Analysis is $80. This price includes not only the analysis, but also a personal color book ($67 retail value) that shows you 60+ of the colors that will look best on you. The personal color swatch book comes in a protective case, making it easy to take with you on all your shopping trips.

When choosing a pageant gown color, a contestant needs to carefully balance how each possible gown choice flatters her skin tone and hair color, as well as how each color looks under pageant stage lights. Look your best for the Miss DeKalb-Jackson Pageant & Miss Alabama Pageant.

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